We expertise in MEAN stack development - MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS.

MeanHub is a team of two JavaScript enthusiasts who can help firms develop modern HTML5 applications with top of the line user experience.


We provide full stack development of applications using JavaScript technologies. Our service offerings include:

JavaScript specific skillset


Ashish Dasnurkar

Ashish is a full stack developer with over a decade of experience in web applications development on Java, Python amd more recently JavaScript platform. He has been a core deveveloper of Ajax UI framework for several years and also a technology evanglist in his former role. He is currently leading a front end team and is passionate about AngularJS and NodeJS.

In his spare time he loves to read, follow various sports and if time permits roam alleys in Taipei in search of those ever fleeting decisive moments.


Souvik Basu

Souvik is a full stack developer with over 12 years experience in software development. He has extensive experience in WPF and Silverlight. For the last 6 years Souvik has been spending major time on HTML5 and UI development. He is passionate about Front end development, especially Single Page Applications. Souvik has worked with technologically centric companies like ThoughtWorks, Symantec and Avaya in past. He has spoken in several developer conferences on Silverlight and HTML5 development.

When he is not coding, he is outdoors chasing wildlife with his DSLR in the National Parks of Southern India.


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